Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pundits: JACKASS 3D High Fives $53M In Weekend Box Office! Makes Budget Back On Opening Night!!

WOW. Just plain wow. I just got an email from Max Penner who leads the film crew over at Paradise FX who had to put up with the antics of the JACKASS clan while shooting and he asked "Did you like Jackass"?

Like it? I LOVED IT. There are several genres of movies out there that are absolutely made for 3D from the ground up and this is one of them. The whole movie is superlatively shot and I really enjoyed how the film crew took part in the film! This is a partnership made in heaven if you ask me - the guys at Paradise FX truly shined in filming this movie.

But $53 MILLION for the opening weekend on a budget of $20m?
Heck they just made back their budget on opening night! Friday brought in an estimated take of $21.8m!! There has to be something magical happening on the screen right?

Near perfect 3D is happening with this movie!
Slow motion, suspended objects in air and projectiles toward you in a tasteful way allow you to viscerally feel the jackasses' pain. And there is a lot of pain, believe me! You want to have some crude (very crude at times) adult fun? Go see JACKASS 3D. Right now.

JACKASS 3D is a 7.5 out of 10 movie.

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