Sunday, November 14, 2010

MEGAMIND Defeats Denzel As UNSTOPPABLE Opens In Second Place

I get a laugh out of those sites who continually lambaste Dreamworks Animation's films on opening weekend as not being high enough, yet they quickly backtrack the following week when DWA's movies prove to have legs.

Same story this week too. MEGAMIND held on to its top box office position for the second week in a row despite a potential freight train in Tony Scott's 2D UNSTOPPABLE. Will Ferrell's MEGAMIND swiped ~$30 million to UNSTOPPABLE's ~$23.5 million. Dreamworks Animation experienced only a ~35% drop as they enjoy strong word of mouth with recent pictures (except the tired SHREK franchise).

SKYLINE was a none factor as the movie has proven to not live up to its hype. It pulled in ~$11.7 million. MORNING GLORY pulled in about ~$10 million and I did enjoy that movie a lot. Many are calling it a Harrison Ford vehicle, but it truly is not. It is clearly a Rachel McAdam's flick and she does carry it well.

MEGAMIND will drop to third spot more than likely this coming weekend with HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PT1 opening along with Russell Crowe in THE NEXT THREE DAYS written and directed by Paul Haggis which I saw last week. THAT is a darn good 2D movie guys. See it.

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