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Exclusive: PassmoreLab Teams with Teen Rockers ‘Cherri Bomb’ to Shoot 3D Rock Video

EXCLUSIVE: PassmoreLab is working with teen rock band Cherri Bomb in making a 3D music video for their single RUN YOU DOWN.

Here's an early look at the official press release
(emphasis is mine):

Production Starts in the California Desert in January

Los Angeles, CA (Dec 16, 2010) – Teen rock sensations Cherri Bomb are going from the sweaty stages of the Sunset Strip to the sweeping sands of the Salton Sea to make their first 3D video, it was announced today in a joint statement by San Diego-based 3D Production Studio PassmoreLab and Madhouse Music Productions.

“Run You Down”, is the second single off the album “ Perfectly Legitimate Use of Volume” and will be the band’s first video in 3D.

The all-girl band, currently in the studio working on their first studio album and are eager to get to work on the 3D visuals of the song, which was written by Noah Lifschey and Ana Lovelis. Production begins in January in southeastern California’s Salton Sea.

"I love this band and I like the idea that they will have a hot 3D video before they are even signed to a record deal,”
said Greg Passmore, president of PassmoreLab and director of the video. “The Salton Sea location is the perfect backdrop for the betrayal and redemption of the song, and the girls are going to look great against it.”

With an average age of just 13 years old, Cherri Bomb is being touted as “Rock’s New Generation” and has already created quite a buzz in the music industry, performing at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, opening for Filter, touring with the Smashing Pumpkins and also appearing on NBC’s Nightly News, ABC ’s “The Red Carpet” and Fox’s “Good Day LA”. They are managed by renowned drummer turned manager Samantha Maloney (Hole, Motley Crue, The Crystal Method, Billy Ray Cyrus) head of Superior Artist Management, and were just signed to Creative Artist Agency.

“Every teenager in the country is home rocking out on guitar hero with dreams of rock stardom,” said Samantha Maloney, “This video will give them the chance feel like they are inside the experience.”

The band also just added an upcoming show with Camp Freddy during their 4th annual Xmas Residency on December 17th at the world-famous Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. Camp Freddy is made up of ex-members of Jane's Addiction, Guns ‘N Roses and The Cult, and always features guest performances from a wide variety of respected musicians. This will be the first time Cherri Bomb has played with them.

“We are very excited to work with PassmoreLab,” smiles Maloney. “Their indie-studio feel is a perfect fit for us…and now I have a reason to buy the fancy Gucci 3D glasses!”

Always on the cutting-edge of music, art and technology, PassmoreLab produced all 3D aspects of Slash’s 3D music video “By the Sword” with Andrew Stockdale; New York garage-glam phenoms Semi Precious Weapons on the award-winning “Magnetic Baby”; punk-rockers Osaka Popstar & the American Legends of Punk on “Wicked World”; Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Famer Sammy Hagar on “Loud”; and LA art noir group Miss Derringer on “Black Tears”. PassmoreLab also opened the rock-and-roll archives of famed photographer Bob Gruen to produce the first-ever 3D conversions of images from the Rock, Punk, and New Wave eras.

“It’s a rare opportunity to work with an up-and-coming band that has already arrived in many ways,” says Steve Glum, PassmoreLab’s head of Branding & Distribution. “And help establish them in the visual medium of 3D rock videos.”

Cherri Bomb’s “Run You Down” 3D music video will be available across multiple 3D distribution channels in March 2011.

About PassmoreLab
Passmorelab, the San Diego-based multi-media 3D production studio, has the world’s largest library of 3D content available for licensing. The studio custom-designs and builds its own RED camera 3D rigs for both conventional and rugged film productions. Passmorelab’s proprietary technology for state-of-the-art 3D post production is known in the industry for quick turnaround times and competitive costs. Additional offices in Russia and the Philippines. More at Inquiries: Steve Glum,

About Cherri Bomb
Cherri Bomb is a teenage all-girl rock band with a uniquely-explosive rock sound inspiring new waves of fans of all ages around the world. Dubbed “Rock’s New Generation”, the band consists of members Julia Pierce on Lead Guitar and Vocals; Nia Lovelis on Drums and Vocals; Miranda Miller on Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals; and Rena Lovelis on Bass and Vocals. More at

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