Friday, December 24, 2010


Another one! THE HOBBIT, SPIDER-MAN, ALIEN Prequels and now UNDERWORLD 4!! All shot in stereoscopic 3D. All shot with RED EPICs. Impressive start for this new 5K camera isn't it?

Clearly there is good competition for the existing offerings from the Pace FUSION system as well as 3ality Digital. Healthy times indeed for the 3D industry!

James McQuaide, SVP Production, Lakeshore Entertainment stated:
"We could not be more pleased to be able to continue with UNDERWORLD 4 a relationship we began with RED more than 3 years ago when we purchased two RED Ones (serial numbers "N" and "T") to shoot a picture called GAMER.
In the years since, we've used those two cameras on pretty much every show we've produced - we are just finishing-up the DI on LINCOLN LAWYER and it looks spectacular. With the EPIC, RED has clearly elevated their game into the stratosphere - all the tapeless workflow efficiencies are still present but the image quality is now every bit as staggering as the rumors we've all heard. And being an S3D show, that we can put two EPICs on an Atom rig and hand-hold a shot, frees us to both practically and creatively shoot the picture exactly as we want. I Know it's been said before but, plain-and-simple, for both film-makers and ultimately the audience, the Epic is a game-changer."

The news came via Jarred Land on the RedUser Forums... Thanks Mark!

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