Thursday, January 13, 2011

James Cameron A Huge Crysis 2 Fan!

According to Cevat Yerli, president of Crytek and maker of the gaming standard CRYSIS, James Cameron has seen CRYSIS 2 and was enamored.

Says Yerli: “James Cameron has seen Crysis 2, and he loved what he saw because his eyes are trained for 3D more than anyone else’s, and that makes me confident that we have a super-high-end 3D experience on all formats.”

From Next-gen: Yerli confirms that Crysis 2 is not Crytek’s first foray into 3D, saying that the developer began work two and a half years ago on a project that was exclusively in stereoscopic 3D. “A lot of this knowledge is now in the Crysis 2 3D experience,” he says. “That’s why we have, in my opinion, a benchmark 3D implementation.”

Yerli even draws comparison between Crytek’s upcoming sequel and the Cameron-directed smash hit that has fuelled Hollywood’s current love for all things three-dimensional. “I’ll even claim it’s the same as Avatar’s status in 3D,” he says.

Those are mighty powerful words to invoke a comparison to AVATAR.
But you know what? With knowing the impact the original CRYSIS had on the gaming world - AND the computing world (CRYSIS was often used as the industry benchmark for graphics cards), I wouldn't be surprised if what Yerli says is true. In fact, I am counting on it.

So be prepared for a massive 3D gaming release with CRYSIS 2 on Tuesday, March 22! Can't wait...

Thanks to Adam for the link! Check out his original thoughts on CRYSIS 2 right here.

Source: Next-gen

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