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MarketSaw's Review Of The GANDALF THE GREY Premium Format Figure From Sideshow Collectibles!

Sideshow Collectibles has hit another home run! I received this Gandalf (the Grey) Premium Format Figure from Sideshow before the holidays and was able to video my unboxing and commentary but didn't have time to start the post production of my review. I finally was able to do so this week and here it is!

Sideshow has limited this run to 1000 pieces and this limited edition will sell out so act fast if you are interested. It is in stock right now.

My review production value has increased somewhat with this effort but I am looking forward to further reviews now that I have a top of the line DSLR video setup (Panasonic GH1 - hacked "C" settings). More on those developments soon. This particular review was shot with a Flip Mino HD. Since then I have switched to the Sony Bloggie Touch for pocket HD needs.

During the unboxing of Gandalf, you are immediately struck by the craftsmanship and care in which these pieces are not only built, but packaged for delivery. It is an experience in itself to open and assemble these pieces.

The Gandalf Premium Format Figure has "true to character, handmade clothing" for THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING and in particular the scenes where Gandalf leads the fellowship through the Mines of Moria. The arms, legs and head are solid and lovingly painted.

Gandalf's staff lights up wonderfully! Personally I love Sideshow's statues that light up (illuminated LED) the best as it adds that further dramatic effect to your display shelves.

So here's my detailed unboxing and review! Description and specs follow. ENJOY!

Here is the piece's description and specs:
The Gandalf the Grey Premium Format figure is a truly stunning representation of the Istari wizard, capturing every aspect of this legendary member of the Fellowship of the Ring. Lighting the way as the Fellowship warily moves through the Mines of Moria, Gandalf's staff is raised, its crystal illuminated by an LED light-up feature. The figure's hand-tailored clothing reflect the layers and details of the wizard's intricate film costume, and each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. This stunning figure is an outstanding addition to any 'The Lord of the Rings' collection, and is the ultimate representation of the most beloved wizard of all time.

As a member of the Istari, the ancient and powerful Gandalf the Grey is sent to Middle-earth to orchestrate the forces of light against the growing darkness. Gandalf is a trusted ally and provides wise counsel to the many peoples of Middle-earth. First to discover the true nature of Bilbo's Ring, Gandalf guides Bilbo's heir, Frodo Baggins, to Rivendell. There, Frodo takes up the responsibility for the Ring's destruction. Guide and mentor to Frodo in his quest, Gandalf leads the Fellowship of the Ring on the path to the fires of Mount Doom.

As the Fellowship of the Ring ventures deep within the Mines of Moria, they are confronted by one of the most powerful and evil beings in all of Middle-earth, a Balrog. Narrowly making their way across a vast chasm and near to the exit from Moria, the fellowship is overtaken by the beast of shadow and flame. Only the magic and might of Gandalf the Grey is strong enough to save Frodo and his companions. Standing firm in the path of danger, the noble wizard fends off the Balrog as the others escape certain death. The Balrog falls deep into the mines, and though he saves the fellowship, Gandalf is not able to escape the fiery whip of the Balrog. Urging Frodo and the Fellowship to carry on, Gandalf the Grey falls into the abyss.

Though his mortal body is sacrificed, Gandalf the Grey is strong in spirit, deep in wisdom, and skilled in magic. His words as Frodo's friend and mentor continue to guide Frodo as the Fellowship of the Ring ventures to save Middle-earth. His mission to unite the forces of the light is left unfinished, but hope lives on with Frodo and Aragorn.

$289.99 or FLEXPAY $96.66 / month
The Lord of the Rings
Product Type: Premium Format Figure
Product Size: 27.5" H (698.5mm) x 9" W (228.6mm) x 13" D (330.2mm)*
Product Weight: 15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)*
Box Size: 30.00" H (762mm) x 11.00" W (279.4mm) x 15.00" L (381mm)*
Est. Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)*

Greg Mowry of Geppetto Productions
Kevin Ellis
Trevor Grove
Bernardo Esquivel
Heath Hammond
Joe Allard
Chadwick Andersen
The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

You can view all the statue's details right here.

Gandalf the Grey Premium Format Figure - Regular Edition

I completely endorse this piece for anyone considering it. I especially recommend this piece for first time collectors as it has that sweeping broad appeal to so many people that it is sure to inspire many conversations in the future. It looks wonderful in any room but especially a home theater!

I am looking forward to the next review - keep checking for more!!

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