Thursday, February 24, 2011

INCEPTION Being Converted To 3D For Disc!! And CLASH OF THE TITANS 2 Details...

I thought this wouldn't happen after hearing Wally Pfister carry on (and on and on) about 3D, but here it is at last!

An interview with Jonathan Liebesman by my good friend Steve at Collider has uncovered that Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION is being converted to 3D for disc!

Here is the excerpt of note:
Are you filming (CLASH OF THE TITANS 2) in 3D?
From the start, Clash 2 has been conceived as a 3D picture. The sets, the way I’m going to shoot the choreography of the shots, because what we’re gonna instead of say 4 shots we’re gonna do 1, I’m even gonna shoot it in a 1.8:1 aspect ratio. Sam Worthington put me in touch with Jim Cameron, we spoke a lot about aspect ratios and 3D. He said something that really stuck with me which was, 2D scope is 2.3:1. That feels scope in 2D, for 3D he felt like 1.8:1. And we have a lot of big creatures so I want that vertical space so I don’t have to cut so I’m also gonna shoot in 1.8:1. I did a bunch of test with different digital cameras…and the one thing that was very difficult for me was, I felt for a Greek epic I wanted to shoot on film to get that texture that I was looking for with that motion blur. The clincher for me was Warner Bros. showed me how far conversion had come. They showed me Chris Nolan Inception converting for the DVD, they showed me Harry Potter being converted. So now what we’re doing is, I wanna shoot film, we’re gonna have what are called stereographers on set who are guys who are sitting there advising you. It’s a completely different situation to Clash 1…Look I would always prefer to shoot native, I just feel like film is the way to go with a Greek epic. Especially the way I wanna shoot it, which is more old school.

Be sure to read or watch the rest of the great interview where Liebesman talks about the upcoming CLASH OF THE TITANS 2 3D conversion that he will be shooting WITH 3D IN MIND, an on set stereographer and in 1.8:1 ratio (perfect for S3D).

Says Liebesman: "For me, taking Greek mythology and all that fantasy and putting it in a real world that’s epic, like Gladiator, like a big Ridley Scott movie, and taking all that fantasy and putting it in, grounding it, making it feel real, that’s the movie that I wanted to see when I walked into Clash 1 and that’s the movie that Clash 2 is gonna be. That’s what I was looking for, I was looking to come in and have a real, intense, visceral kick-ass experience with spectacle but grounded, with great actors, and that’s what the second one will be."

Can't wait to see these!!

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