Monday, March 07, 2011


Has Universal killed the Guillermo del Toro project just as all this momentum has been built up? Apparently so according to Steve over at Collider. Not too much is known just yet as to whether the studio axed it (and why - too much $?) or whether Legendary Pictures was successful in luring del Toro away from AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS. Or perhaps both.

For those keeping score, this would be Guillermo's second massive project that he has distanced himself from (after THE HOBBIT).

It looks like del Toro will take on PACIFIC RIM for Legendary instead.
That movie is “set in a future in which malevolent creatures threaten the earth, the planet must band together and use highly advanced technology to eradicate the growing menace.”

And contrary to some Internet rumors - RIM will not be a Godzilla movie. No word on whether GDT envisions this as a 3D movie or not as of yet.

I wish my friend Guillermo the best in all of this.
We have been 'virtually' acquainted for some time now. Even with James Cameron's clout, it seems the tab was a bit too steep for Universal to bite. Clearly I think this is a mistake on their part - but hey, that is a lot of money to be betting with. I will post more information when I get it.

Thanks to Gary for the heads up!

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