Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zemekis' YELLOW SUBMARINE Has Been Sunk By Disney; Zemeckis Said To Be Mulling Return To Live Action

Listen - I had zero confidence in MARS NEEDS MOMS other than that it was aimed at family audiences. I thought THE POLAR EXPRESS was amazing in it's day (and still is in a nostalgic way), but A CHRISTMAS CAROL barely passed muster with me. The sole saving grace of what Zemeckis' ImageMovers studio has done in 3D was BEOWULF personally.

Sadly, it is time for Zemeckis to get the heck out of mo-cap - at least "ImageMover's" style mo-cap. Why not get back to his live action roots? We all loved BACK TO THE FUTURE, CAST AWAY and FORREST GUMP! Am I right? Even the hybrid WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT was amazing.

So now Disney has killed his planned mo-cap production YELLOW SUBMARINE which at worst would have featured outstanding music. Can you blame them? No, not really. A CHRISTMAS CAROL did not do so well and MARS NEEDS MOMS? Pulled in a scant $6.9m against $150m production cost. The box office disappointment was the last straw for Disney.

THR is reporting that Zemeckis has flown to Montana to think it all over and indeed he is looking at a live action movie. Robert, if you are reading this - go back to the live action we all know you excel at and keep it in stereoscopic 3D too. It'll be a blast.

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