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Angela Wilson Gyetvan Launches New 3D Company: DIGITAL WHISPER

Industry Expert to Focus on Problem‐solving and Advisory Services to Facilitate Cost Effective Live‐Action 3D Production

I have known Angela for years now and take it from me, she is a consummate professional. I continue to work with her today and fully support and endorse anything she lays her hands on.

Here is the official press release (emphasis is mine):

In response to the fast‐growing and oft times confusing 3D production needs in television and film, industry expert Angela Wilson Gyetvan has launched Digital Whisper. The professional services consulting company aims to provide better clarity, options and recommendations for companies either planning to enter the industry, shoot in stereoscopic 3D, or looking for guidance and insight for the best and most up‐to‐date resources and technologies within the 3D world.

Despite the incredible growth seen in the 3D industry over the last few years, there has never been a central unaffiliated resource for 3D knowledge and go‐to‐market strategies for both large and small scale producers of 3D content.

“As with all things new, 3D production has a steep learning curve. Digital Whisper works with all stakeholders at all levels to give them the best solutions for their problems,” said Gyetvan. “We are here to help navigate the back country; identify the necessary resources, and bring all creative visions to life ‐‐ on time, and on budget ‐‐ whether it's a feature film, high‐profile football match, or brand‐new 3D network. My new shop will focus on tracking and assessing the whisperings and wisdom in the world of 3D entertainment.”

As with every emerging medium, there is a lot of experimentation going on, and a lot of misinformation in the marketplace. The most pervasive myth is the insistence that there is only one "right" way to produce and distribute 3D entertainment. Standards are still emerging and there is confusion due to the myriad of cameras, workflows and distribution paths.

Gyetvan previously served as Vice President, Sales and Marketing for 3ality Digital, the leading developer of enabling technologies for 3D entertainment, and a company that has been instrumental in many 3D firsts: U2 3D, the concert film; groundbreaking live 3D sports and concert broadcasts with the NFL, NHL, BSkyB, Sony and AEG; scripted television shows; the first national 3D television commercial and many feature films.

Prior to 3ality Digital, Gyetvan launched and built companies in multiple industries, including digital media, video‐games, e‐commerce and consumer products. She has held executive positions with Revver, Electronic Arts, Broderbund Software, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and

The 7 most popular myths about 3D include:
1) 3D takes at least twice as long to shoot as 2D
In truth, there's no reason a 3D shoot can’t be completed on a 2D schedule.
2) There's only one "right" workflow for 3D
There are multiple workflow choices. Selecting the one right for the production company can be overwhelming.
3) Conversion to 3D is either a) Faster, cheaper and better, or b) Faster, cheaper and worse

Neither is true. Conversion is currently neither faster nor cheaper. At the same time, there are a number of circumstances where conversion might work best, or where a combination of live action and converted footage would be best suited to the production.
4) 3D imposes severe constraints on creative
As in 2D production, there are some things to look out for, but the "rules" of 3D are no less onerous than the rules for 2D. 3D is actually a creative goldmine, as it presents an entirely new visual language to be explored, much as the advent of color in movies created nearly endless opportunity for filmmakers.
5) Only animation and action/adventure movies are suitable for 3D
There is no genre limit. Filmmakers like Martin Scorcese (The Invention of Hugo Cabret), Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby), and Werner Herzog (Cave of Forgotten Dreams) have either made or are making features in other genres. Go where the visionaries are going.
6) No one's going to watch the news in 3D
People are already watching cooking shows (Guy's Big Bite) and "Unplugged" style concerts (The Guitar Center Series) in 3D. It may be a few years off, but the day will come when you'll be enraptured by Katie Couric's latest 3D interview.
7) The lack of 3D T V broadcasts standards is strangling the market
The lack of standards is certainly putting some pressure on the market, but the reality is, in the days of increasing fragmentation in forms of delivery and the advent of IPTV to the homes, this is no longer the sort of roadblock it would have been even five years ago.

About Digital Whisper
Based in Los Angeles, Digital Whisper provides research and recommendations regarding creative development, technology and camera choices, budgeting, workflow, post‐production, distribution and general market analysis. They provide filmmakers, production companies, broadcasters and advertising agencies the resources to make the best and most economical decisions about how to create successful 3D productions. For more information please visit,

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