Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gold Standard Native 3D Has Competition! Why It's Good For Everybody...

Lately we have seen a massive push towards a "Gold Standard" for native stereoscopic 3D content and not just idle chat. A real movement is taking place and it will play a huge part in the coming years in ensuring the movie going public gets what they are paying for in theaters.

And it's more than that. It's about the best transportative immersion possible! Sure we want to get our money's worth at the movies, but it is about being entertained more than anything else. Movies remain a recession proof escape from reality that in the big picture is very affordable.

The Gold Standard movement is focusing on delivering quality 3D content that audiences will know intuitively as being worth their time and money. That the content will not be hindered by 3D. No more CLASH OF THE TITANS debacles. By following the productions associated with the companies listed in this post, YOU will have confidence that what they produce in the end will be of the highest caliber.

Think Pixar. Everything they touch is of the highest caliber and the box office shows it. I also think about a huge corporation that bet the bank on 3D - Sony. Do you realize they have true end-to-end 3D offerings? Pro and consumer 3D cameras, 3D TVs, 3D theatrical projectors, 3D focused movie studios, 3D blu-ray technology, 3D gaming on Playstations - you name a division and it probably has 3D in it's mandate!

Now think 3ality Digital. And Cameron - Pace Group. The first wave of Gold Standard, uncompromising companies have stepped up to the plate and declared: Watch us. We will deliver the best in S3D.

There is sure to be more come along - I was thinking as early as last year that perhaps a presentation company like IMAX might be the company to step forward and tackle this issue by saying whenever you see our brand, you can have confidence in the 3D being screened. But it is more than just movies! S3D content is everywhere today: 3D theatrical movies, 3D home videos, 3D theatrical alternative content (like gaming), 3D home gaming, 3D phones, 3D portable devices, 3D computer applications, and of course 3D content to power these devices! It is the content that needs to drive everything. 3D movies, sports, live events, concerts, etc. Really, the answer needed to be 3D production companies and they have stepped forward.

3ality Digital is pushing this goal (here and here) and with the Cameron - Pace Group announcement (here) hot on the heels of 3ality Digital's news this week, the stage is set for rapid and real improvement in 3D content for audiences across the spectrum of native 3D entertainment. Competition is always needed and let me tell you that the professionals at both companies are simply the best at what they do. PERIOD. I can assure you of that.

Let's drill into the news a bit. There seems to be a slight polarization regarding camera hardware for the 3D rigs with Cameron - Pace Group (CPG) using the ARRI cameras (Martin Scorsese is using them on HUGO CABRET) - of course they still have their FUSION cameras too; and 3ality Digital is using the REDs (Peter Jackson has them on THE HOBBIT). Hardware is a matter of preference for directors and DPs, either choice will look amazing especially in tandem with the superior 3D services provided by these companies. And these platforms offered by 3ality Digital and CPG are flexible by design - other camera vendors should be able to work with them going forward as well.

Aside from the hardware and content that is required to deliver top 3D standards, we need professionals to drive them! Both of these companies are mandating education for existing cinematographers to be concurrent priorities for them - topping up the pros already impressive credentials with S3D knowledge - to become top drawer stereographers.

What these companies and the Gold Standard all boil down to is that the future is happening right now and it is all about the audience. What a privilege I've had over the past 5 and a half years to report on history in the making - a Hollywood 3D revolution. We are witnessing a renaissance right now with technology rapidly advancing and expertise catching up. Welcome to modern S3D, generation 2!

What do I want to see next?
I want to see a Gold Standard for 3D conversion. I want to see a company step up and guarantee the best quality possible every time. Audiences NEED to know that when they see any movie, it is not 3D that will let them down. Just as they know Dolby sound won't let them down. Just as they know Pixar won't let them down. We now see that native 3D has it's heroes, let's expand that to conversion.

A giant tip of the hat to 3ality Digital and CPG! It's a pleasure to know and work with you everyday.

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