Monday, June 20, 2011

See: New PUSS IN BOOTS Poster *AND Trailer*! Why It Could Be DWA's Biggest Hit Ever!

**SAME DAY UPDATE: Just added the new trailer down below! Have a look!!

We've got the new PUSS IN BOOTS poster for you from Dreamworks Animation.
Let me tell you guys, I have seen some of this movie already at CinemaCon and it was amazing.

Click on the poster to enlarge...

I am prepared to go out on a limb here and predict outrageous success for this film for DWA - perhaps their most successful of all time. It's definitely not a sequel to SHREK - far from it really. It has the beat of its own drum but still enjoying the massive popularity of PUSS himself.

PUSS IN BOOTS has everything to attract just about everybody in the four quadrants - it is that well conceived. First and foremost, from what I saw, it is hilarious. Not just verbally funny, but visually. Much hinges on the audiences falling for the cat himself and that won't be hard to get done, believe me. Mere glimpses that PUSS makes to the screen in certain circumstances had me laughing OUT LOUD. I rarely do that.

So yeah, get ready for an outrageous time for all ages with this movie. This is one of the few animations on tap that you will look cool walking in to see it no matter what your age is. It will be a huge hit - Pixar size even. PUSS IN BOOTS opens November 4.

More when I get it!!

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