Saturday, July 23, 2011

MUST SEE: Amazing TINTIN Standee From Europe!

I haven't seen any of these over on this side of the pond yet - have you? Check out these awesome standees for TINTIN from Europe, sent to me by F, an awesome MarketSaw reader.

Click to enlarge the images.

Clearly Weta has nailed the uncanny valley - those eyes are just about perfect. Blend in cartoon-like figures yet actual skin pores and bloodshot eyes and we are in the adventure business!

I love the 3D is sweeping the world and that there is an absolutely HUGE market overseas for everything Hollywood produces. TINTIN is one of those worldwide properties that you KNOW will enjoy stunning box office in Europe. It may surprise a few folks and indeed may lead to more European properties being developed by the studios.

Anyway, it looks like we can't go wrong with this one. Spielberg and Jackson looked to have nailed it. With Spielberg's track record one can be assured that the story and adventure will be grand indeed.

More when I get it! THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN hits theaters in Europe starting October 26 (Belgium, Switzerland, France, Netherlands and the UK) and in the US and Canada on December 23.

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