Sunday, July 24, 2011


Harry Potter and company could not hold Marvel's latest Avenger from capping a solid weekend and first place at the box office! In fact, CAPTAIN AMERICA is having the best weekend yet for a superhero this summer with an estimated $65.8m take. HP took in a respectable $48.1m.

However THOR may have something to say about Cap taking first as it took in $65.7m! One would have to look at those tight numbers and think that is a very respectable neighborhood to be in for future releases of first time properties. Of course the expectation is that THE AVENGERS will easily top those figures next year. Marvel seems to have captured the imaginations of the audience with their stock of heroes as opposed to DC whose GREEN LANTERN did not perform to expectation. That being said, who would deny the upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT RISES it's day? No one. I do think Warner Bros. needs to pay attention to what Marvel is doing though - it's working.

I was on record as saying CAPTAIN AMERICA was my choice this summer as the best. Well after seeing it I was not disappointed! But I will say this, I was more surprised with the craftsmanship of THOR than I was of the assumed performance of Cap. These two properties are neck and neck in my books.

The 3D was comparable to the Norse God epic (though I enjoyed THOR's 3D slightly more). Certainly nothing overtly wrong with the stereo. Cap's 3D was tastefully done to the point where you forgot it was there in many cases, but then the audience was reminded during one particular seen involving the shield. Won't tell you when - but when it happens you will know!

In other words, SEE THIS MOVIE! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Suspension of disbelief was at times hard to secure with those huge advancements in HYDRA technology - and even the US technology. This was set during the 1940's so I was having a hard time with it, but the feelings only lasted moments and then we were back into fight scenes and interesting character dynamics. Definitely worth the money to see this in 3D!

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