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PassmoreLab Teams with LINKIN PARK And Warner Bros. Records For 3D Music Video "Iridescent"

Linkin Parkʼs music video for the song, Iridescent (the end track from Paramount Pictures blockbuster, Transformers: Dark of the Moon) is now available in 3D and will screen at select theaters worldwide.

PassmoreLab, the San Diego based 3D production and 3D post house, has again teamed up with Grammy-Award winning, Linkin Park and Warner Bros. Records, to announce the release of the bandʼs latest music video, Iridescent in stereoscopic 3D. The song plays during the end credits of the number one box office film, 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon.' The 3D music video will play in select independent theaters worldwide at the end of the movie.

The video for Iridescent is abstract, shot in black, white and grey tones and intercut with images of snakes, bulldogs, futuristic architecture, bionic entities and Transformer robots (which provide the only brief flashes of color).

The video is all part of director (and Linkin Park turntablist) Joe Hahnʼs vision. “It explores how human existence might be affected by the elements of Transformers robots, and the threat of the Decepticons," said Hahn. "What would it be like to be citizens in a decaying universe? I tried a lot of new things, and we had fun shooting it."

This is the second time Linkin Park has worked with PassmoreLab for 3D production. Last year, PassmoreLab added the 3D post production to the bandʼs video for the number one single, ʻWaiting for the End.ʻ The video, touted as a “montage of melodic emotion,” received critical acclaim and earned Linkin Park and PassmoreLab numerous awards and praise at 3D film festivals worldwide.

PassmoreLab provides stereoscopic 3D production and post-production services using a combination of traditional approaches and proprietary tools. “We had a very tight schedule to complete all the 3D elements of Iridescent in time for the Transformers 3 premiere. Throughout the 3D production process, we worked very closely with the band's digital post-house Ghost Town Media in Los Angeles to stay true to the director's vision for the video. Without a high level of communication and efficient workflow between everyone involved with this project, it would not have been completed on time. The collaborative end result is truly a beautiful and dramatic use of 3D. Hahnʼs post-apocalyptic vision and our 3D mesh wonderfully,” said Greg Passmore CEO of PassmoreLab.

Iridescent provides a unique blend of gritty, desaturated stylization and iconic imagery that is greatly enhanced after conversion to 3D.

With the recent influx of 3D screening platforms -- theaters, television, mobile devices -- PassmoreLab has emerged as an industry leader in the 3D rock music video realm. “Our proprietary 3D techniques and alternative style has become a sought after commodity in the music industry,” said James Humann, Executive Producer with PassmoreLab, “We feel that ʻIridescent 3Dʼ is a game changer for the music video business and weʼre looking forward to continuing to work with bands and artists to produce and distribute videos and live performances through the latest 3D delivery platforms.”

Both Iridescent and Waiting for the End, in 3D, are available for distribution through PassmoreLab on multiple platforms including mobile devices, video on demand, television broadcast and theatrical.

About Linkin Park
Linkin Park is a modern alternative band comprised of lead vocalist, Chester Bennington, drummer/percussionist, Rob Bourdon, guitarist Brad Delson, bassist Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell, DJ, programmer Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda - lead vocals, keyboards, guitar. From surreal videography (frequently helmed by resident DJ Mr. Hahn) to an unforgettable, iconic stage show, Linkin Park have always boasted a visual presence that befits the power of their music. The band is currently on a world tour for their latest album, A Thousand Suns. For further info and tour updates go to:

About Warner Bros. Records
Warner Bros. Records is one of the most successful recording companies in music history and is home to some of the most influential and innovative artists of our time. Its reputation and extraordinary roster of new and established recording artists is unparalleled, and its collective influence on pop culture is without precedent.

Warner Bros. Records was founded 50 years ago by Jack Warner, and with a visionary approach toward discovering and nurturing musical talent, the Warner Bros. family of labels, including Reprise Records, Sire Records and Nonesuch Records, is currently home to an impressive generation of major artists. The Warner Bros. roster includes Avenged Sevenfold, Cher, Eric Clapton, Jill Scott, Gucci Mane, Jason Derulo, Common, Theophilus London, Bjork, Muse, The Flaming Lips, Goo Goo Dolls, Linkin Park, R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, Damien Rice, Rilo Kiley, Seal, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, Emmylou Harris, Wilco, Regina Spektor, Disturbed, Michelle Branch, Mastodon, Neil Young, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Green Day, The Black Keys, Waka Flocka Flame, Enya, Jackʼs Mannequin, Stevie Nicks and many others.

The rich and diversified catalog on the Warner Bros. family of labels includes a lineup of recordings by Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, Dire Straits, the Grateful Dead, the Kinks, Madonna, Randy Newman, Prince, the Ramones, Talking Heads, James Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Van Morrison, Van Halen and others. As Warner Bros. Records begins its sixth decade, its commitment to presenting the world's best music, maintaining the highest standard and attracting the most exciting and original artists of our time will keep the name Warner Bros. Records synonymous with excellence. More at:

About PassmoreLab
PassmoreLab is a San Diego-based stereoscopic 3D studio that specializes in 2D-to-3D conversion, native 3D production and 3D distribution. The company's California facilities include a full 3D production studio, post production suites and optical and software development labs. PassmoreLabʼs state-of-the-art 3D conversion technology has been used on major Hollywood films since 2009. As an independent film production company, PassmoreLab produces its own 3D films including science and nature shorts, broadcast television programming, and documentary and feature films. The company also focuses on 3D production for music videos and has worked with several high profile artists such as Slash and Linkin Park. PassmoreLab operates a separate distribution/sales office in San Diego that specializes in the licensing of 3D content to independent theaters, science centers, museums, planetariums, 3D television broadcasts and 3D mobile devices. More at

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