Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Wow. Where did this thing come from? Ok well I knew it was coming but this trailer walked right up to me and smacked me in the head. Sure there was some concept art out there a while ago but this trailer speaks for itself! This movie has possibilities written all over it!!

And it's pedigree is exceptional. Produced by Timur Bakmambetov (ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE KILLER), directed by Chris Gorak (RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR), written by Jon Spaihts (PROMETHEUS) and my good friend Kasimir Lehto (UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING) is the Stereographer - these guys know what they are doing and are extremely creative.

This was a native 3D production and they used Sony F-35s with Element Technica Quasar rigs provided by Panavision.

The special effects and 3D are going to be amazing! Can't wait for this one on multiple levels. Emile Hirsch (SPEED RACER), Max Minghella (THE SOCIAL NETWORK), Olivia Thirlby (DREDD), and Rachael Taylor (CHARLIE'S ANGELS - TV 2011) star.

So what has me so amped? Read my thoughts after the trailer - don't want to spoil it for you...

I just can't get over the refreshing angle on an alien species! This is right on so many levels I can't begin to say. So often sci-fi is based on creatures we can relate to (humanoid) and on planets that we can actually live on (Star Trek TOS anyone?), I am so hoping that this one actually presents us with aliens that are COMPLETELY alien! We can see only visible light obviously but the universe is more than that. Finally!! This is like a dream come true if they actually can pull it off and that I am not wrong about the creatures.

Look for THE DARKEST HOUR on December 23.

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