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First Look: Sam Worthington In WRATH OF THE TITANS

Let's all assume for a moment that Warner Bros. has learned their lesson about nasty 3D conversions and will take the time and money to do it right (I truly believe that they have).

What we have is CLASH OF THE TITANS (~$500m) more or less begging for a sequel. That and the fact that Warner snagged Jonathan Liebesman (BATTLE: LOS ANGELES) to direct, which is great for audiences in my mind.

Remember that Sam Worthington (photo left) wants a better effort this time:
"I just think we can improve on it… I think the first one, we kind of let down some people. And yeah, I totally agree. The only point of doing a sequel is either the audience demands it or you believe you can better the first one. What we’re setting out to do with this one — the writers and the director and myself — is improve. I think I can act f***ing better, to be honest … Just take all the notes from people that I have been reading about on the ‘net and give them a movie they f***ing want. This one I want to kind of try to satisfy a lot more people."

...and it looks like his hair is into the role! :-) Just kidding Sam...

Liebesman was just as adamant:
"I think what you have to remember is the first film was neither shot nor edited with 3D in mind. It was shot as a 2D movie and edited as a 2D film, and they decided to convert it with six or seven weeks to go until release, which is insane; the technology was not there. That's why we're conceiving it from the start, from the ground up, in 3D, editing in 3D for 3D." "The big question was to shoot native 3D or not. I tested a lot of digital cameras, and quite frankly, because I'm going for a sort of much grittier, grounded look in Clash 2, the look I want is almost Gladiator with fantastical creatures in it, I found that the characteristics of film were more what I was going for."

The movie centers on the story that Hades (Ralph Fiennes) kidnaps Zeus (Liam Neeson) and takes him to hell.

See that trident Worthington is holding? It's one of several weapons that Perseus has to collect "in order to create one uber-weapon." Says Liebesman: "But that's probably a massive spoiler. I haven't practiced being spoiler proof yet."

Liebesman started shooting in March of this year for a March 30, 2012 release.

Sources: EW (via IndieWire)| Cinematical

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