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Yours Truly Published: One Of My Interviews With James Cameron...

Thought this would be of interest to you - it certainly is to me! Late in 2010 I was approached by Brent Dunham, author (also edited Danny Boyle: Interviews) and film instructor about the possibility of him using one of my interviews with James Cameron in his upcoming book. Of course I said yes as everyone would get something by reading Cameron's insights, especially if you are a film student!

The book was completed and published by University Press of Mississippi, ISBN #978-1-61703-131-1. They sent me a couple of copies which I have proudly displayed in my office. I've scanned a few images for you which you can click to enlarge somewhat.

You can buy the book from Amazon here. The interview that is covered in the book can be found right here.

Here is the description of the book from Amazon:
James Cameron (b. 1954) is lauded as one of the most successful and innovative filmmakers of the last thirty years. His films often break records, both in their massive budgets and in their box-office earnings. They include such hits as The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Titanic, and Avatar. Part scientist, part dramatist, Cameron combines these two qualities into inventive and captivating films that often push the boundaries of special effects to accommodate his imagination. James Cameron: Interviews chronicles the writer-director's rise through the Hollywood system, highlighted by his "can-do" attitude and his insatiable drive to make the best film possible.

As a young boy growing up in Canada, Cameron imagined himself an astronaut, a deep-sea explorer, a science fiction writer, or a filmmaker. Transplanted to southern California, he would go on to realize many of those boyhood fantasies.

This collection of interviews provides glimpses of the filmmaker as he advances from Roger Corman's underling to "king of the world." The interviews are drawn from a number of sources including TV appearances and conversations on blogs, which have never been published in print. Spanning more than twenty years, this collection constructs a concise and thorough examination of Cameron, a filmmaker who has almost single-handedly ushered Hollywood into the twenty-first century.

I can honestly tell you that there are only a handful of people in the industry that I have truly wanted to interview and get to know and at the top of that list was James Cameron. Since I first interviewed him back in December of 2009, I have gotten to know him a little bit, and you know what? He is just as smart and creative as you think he is - if not more so. I can assure you that the contents of the "book that is James Cameron" has NOT been oversold by the cover that you see everyday.

Further, just like all the greats of any industry or historical period, he surrounds himself with great people. Jon Landau (he gives MarketSaw a cool shout out here) acts as his producer and I can tell you that his tireless efforts are reflected in their movies. Vince Pace (I interviewed them both right here) is a technical genius and melds perfectly with Cameron. They have just officially launched the Cameron | Pace Group (CPG) this year and they focus on the gold standard of S3D production. You know that gorgeous Scorsese flick HUGO that is showing right now? Shot with the CPG's Fusion rigs using Arri Alexa Cameras (he talks about those Alexa cameras in the Cameron/Pace interview too). There is more than one reason it looks so good.

I have built a pretty solid working relationship with him. If the need should arise I can approach him personally. That means a lot to me.

Of course there are countless benefits to knowing Mr. Cameron - like when he introduced me to George Lucas who I had never met before. And when he presented his ultra cool presentation on high framerates at CinemaCon last year - I interviewed him in person, on camera that day. Knowing him gives you an enormous energy boost to your own aspirations. It's all of these cool things happening that I realize I have an awesome career.

So all of this to say it is an honor to be mentioned in the same breath as him in this book. There are some other great interviews included of course and well worth the purchase if you so desire. It makes a GREAT stocking stuffer! The paperback at least... :-)

More on Cameron soon!

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