Monday, December 26, 2011

MUST WATCH: New Footage In Japanese Trailer For JOHN CARTER!

Thanks to our friends at FirstShowing for turning my head on to this one! PLENTY of new footage in this Japanese trailer for Disney's JOHN CARTER.

This trailer sets up what was definitely missing in the material released thus far: The pre-Mars situation for the main character played by Taylor Kitsch. So much so, I consider it a little spoilery. Keep that in mind if you decide to watch it.

Here's the movie's storyline:
From Academy Award–winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton comes JOHN CARTER - a sweeping action-adventure set on the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom (Mars). “John Carter” is based on a classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose highly imaginative adventures served as inspiration for many filmmakers, both past and present. The film tells the story of war-weary, former military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who is inexplicably transported to Mars where he becomes reluctantly embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and the captivating Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). In a world on the brink of collapse, Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands.

**WARNING: Some Spoilers Exist In This Trailer**

JOHN CARTER is transported to theaters on March 9, 2012.

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