Thursday, March 08, 2012

**UPDATED: James Cameron Completes 8 KM Test Dive! Mariana Trench Is Next!!

**SAMEDAY UPDATE: Added video clip from CNN!

Director James Cameron has completed his first major test dive
off the coast of Papua, New Guinea to the depth of 8 kilometers (5 miles). The countdown to the Mariana Trench is now on, a mere matter of weeks and a stunning dive of 11 kms (7 miles).

We are finally getting great glimpses of his solo seated submersible named DEEPSEA CHALLENGER. There are others in this so called race to the bottom of the Earth too, but I am loving the Captain Nemo vibe this obviously well designed craft is giving us.

If you think this voyage is a walk in the park, read what we already reported is going on right here. Definitely death defying.

Cameron has confirmed that he will be shooting footage with special 3D cameras designed for the 1000 atmosphere depth for a 3D documentary being sponsored by National Geographic and Rolex. If there's one guy who deserves a solid gold Rolex Submariner, it's James Cameron.

Says Cameron: "The deep trenches are the last unexplored frontier on our planet, with scientific riches enough to fill 100 years of exploration."

Furthermore - and typical James Cameron - he is conducting real science while down there by way of collecting samples.

Cameron: "Our goal is to build a scientific legacy for generations to come. It's also to inspire people across the globe to celebrate exploration and to explore with us online and through the media we produce."

So looking forward to his results and safe return to the surface of the Pacific ocean! Godspeed Mr. Cameron.

Thanks for the heads up Peter!

Sources: BBC | CNN

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