Thursday, April 12, 2012

Check Out The Research The Crew And Filmmakers Endured For Pixar's BRAVE!

Yes, we could all use a job like this could we not? Check out the arduous process that the crew and filmmakers endured in the research for Pixar's production of BRAVE.

Not that these guys don't work hard - they do - but clearly there are some perks that go along with working for a great company like Pixar. Would you not agree?

Plus the fact that if you work for Pixar, you are there because it doesn't FEEL like work - it's fun. I have the same feeling with MarketSaw.

Having tentpole budgeting for 'Total Immersion' helps of course and this is actually money very well spent because Pixar gets it right. Details that astound. Remember RATATOUILLE's Paris location? Spot on and gorgeous. Great work guys!

BRAVE opens June 22.

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