Monday, April 30, 2012

Marvel's THE AVENGERS Hit The Box Office With... Well, VENGEANCE!! And More On What To Expect With IRON MAN 3...

To any doubters out there that said that the superhero genre can't deliver mega box office, THE AVENGERS are saying what Marvel has been saying since IRON MAN - vengeance is ours!

How does $178.4 million sound in it's opening weekend? WITHOUT North America? THE AVENGERS took first place in all of it's 39 foreign market openings and set box office records in 12 of them. Don't forget that some of the biggest foreign markets have yet to launch, namely Russia, China and Japan.

Some estimates peg the overseas futures at $600m +! So easily count on a BILLION dollar plus event movie.

I'll have more numbers in the coming weeks, especially when it opens in the US and Canada in... 5 DAYS! 4 and a half days if you go to the midnight screenings - don't forget to get your free IMAX poster if you do!


Producer Kevin Feige talks IRON MAN 3! It's all well and good to bring together some of the top superheroes of all time in THE AVENGERS, but what happens after that event movie? It makes sense to go back to Tony Stark as IRON MAN was the first big hit from those characters (THE HULK was ok, but not great). So IRON MAN 3. What's in store?

Here's what Feige had to say:
"So Iron Man 3 has been structured specifically to be the antidote to The Avengers... Circumstances in the story separate Tony from having access to anything. We wanted to take Tony back to, metaphorically speaking, the cave from Iron Man, the first half of Iron Man, when he's cut off from the world and needs just focus on his intellects to get himself out of his situation. So he's not calling Thor, he's not calling Captain America, he can't press a special button to have the helicarrier come rescue him, so I think that'll be a nice complement to the team up of Avengers."

Sounds perfect to me.

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