Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Check Out Cool New 3D Television Shows From Beampath3D!

Check out some cool new 3D television shows that Beampath3D has produced. These guys are serious about 3D and have lined up some very interesting stuff! Namely, a 3D shark documentary entitled SHARK DEFENDERS, a paranormal 3D series called ANOMALY 3D and a children's 3D television show - DOLPHIN LIFE 3D.

Here's the synopsis for SHARK DEFENDERS: 
Monsters lurk in our oceans...
...and they are slaughtering an estimated 250,000 sharks PER DAY.
Shark Defenders 3D is the first made-for-3DTV documentary to chronicle research and conservation efforts to save rapidly diminishing shark populations. Coming soon to Next3D and other 3D TV outlets. Check back soon to view the Shark Defenders 3D trailer and for air dates. 

Here's the synopsis for ANOMALY 3D:
Anomaly is the worlds-first 3D television program to focus on the paranormal and unexplained. Anomaly uses never-before-seen 3D night vision cameras and new production techniques to immerse viewers in the world’s most unusual and frightening locations. The show’s 1-hour docu-reality format is fast paced, entertaining and often chilling. You can download a preview of the show here, including 2D options if you're not set up for S3D yet.

In order to accomplish what Beampath3D have done to date, they have had to put on their inventor's hat as well. They have come up with some very cool technology to assist them in their 3D content creation including a NightVision Beamsplitter (clearly needed for ANOMALY 3D), a 4K Red Scarlet Beamsplitter and 3DHD Underwater capabilities.

You can catch these shows in 3D through Next3D, a company who delivers stereoscopic content to the home at the highest quality, over broadband, cable and satellite connections. They are a pay-per-view service with absolutely no monthly subscriptions or contracts. You need a broadband Internet connection, a PC + graphics card + NVIDIA's 3DVision or 3DTV Play software, 3D glasses, and a 3D-ready TV, projector or monitor. Next3D delivers these shows, plus movies, documentaries, sports and concerts too.

If you've got the equipment - check them out! I'll have more updates from these guys as it happens - they have some very cool things percolating!

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