Thursday, July 12, 2012

Official 3D Trailer For RISE OF THE GUARDIANS!

Hey guys - If you have a 3D setup at home or work with Internet access then check out this official 3D trailer for Dreamworks Animation's RISE OF THE GUARDIANS.

It's the same trailer as the 2D one released earlier, and you can adjust the settings of the trailer to reflect the kind of 3D you wish to enjoy (like side by side, interlaced, various anaglyphs, HTML Stereo View, etc) or you can switch off the 3D if you don't have the means to watch it.

You CAN also use the 'no glasses' method where you cross your eyes to converge the side by side images, but this may not be for you.

As I have said before, this movie looks like it has record breaking potential and surely an abundance of family entertainment in a quality production.

The quality of this video is perfect as it came directly from Dreamworks Animation to me via Phil McNally. Enjoy!

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