Thursday, July 19, 2012

SAN ANDREAS: 3D Has A New Writer Quilling The Quake

Carlton Cuse
Writer Carlton Cuse (LOST, BATES MOTEL) has been signed on to write SAN ANDREAS: 3D for New Line.

Also attached to the earthquake thriller are director Brad Peyton (JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND) and producer Beau Flynn (HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS) who is also teeing up a third JOURNEY installment.

From Variety:
"Story takes place when a massive quake strikes California and centers on one man who must make the treacherous journey across the state to rescue his estranged daughter."

What I want to see is a realistic earthquake movie that truly shows what would happen during "the big one". Not the outrageous outcome of Emmerich's 2012, but something that I can suspend my disbelief and get drawn into, especially in 3D. It can be done. If you'll remember 1974's EARTHQUAKE, the scariest thing for me as a child was when those people were swept down in the dark sewer system and not all the buildings collapsing. If you humanize it, people will get it.

More info when it happens!

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