Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Working On 3D Concert Film: DANCE AGAIN

After the successes of Katy Perry's and Justin Bieber's 3D concert movies (with liberal backstage access), Jennifer Lopez is looking to tap the same barrel.

DANCE AGAIN will apparently take us through Lopez's last few years including her AMERICAN IDOL appearances, filming, music and Marc Anthony issues - in other words, doing just what Katy Perry did, bringing her personal life (Russell Brand) up on the big screen.

I am a huge fan of the genre. Personal matters aside, the music, emotion and dazzling 3D that has been displayed thus far with this type of concert movie never fails to amaze. For me, it all started with U2 3D.

The current craze for 3D dance movies further underscore the power of 3D to portray emotion in dance and bring us into the action (3ality Technica - STEP UP REVOLUTION; Cameron Pace Group - STEP UP 3D).

I'll let you know when we get more word, whose working on it (3D crew or if it's a conversion) and a release date for the production.

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