Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's JUSTICE LEAGUE Vs THE AVENGERS 2!! Huge Faceoff In '15!!!

Summer releases? Could be! Warner Bros. is planning on unleashing their dark and mature JUSTICE LEAGUE in 2015 which just so happens to be Marvel's planned THE AVENGERS 2 release year.

Think this is a minor deal? Think again. THE AVENGERS made $1.5 BILLION at the bank thus far and are now cashing in on disc sales heading into Black Friday territory and Christmas. Christopher Nolan is producing Zack Snyder's MAN OF STEEL as well as relishing in the success of this summer's THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Think there isn't any bad taste in Joss Whedon's mouth after Pfister ridiculous comments recently?

So why isn't Nolan taking part in this battle of cinematic proportions? Perhaps it's because Warner Bros. really needs JUSTICE LEAGUE to be in 3D and the Nolan/Pfister combo can't quite bite into it. Yet. I can't imagine WB allowing JUSTICE LEAGUE to suffer from a 2D only release while THE AVENGERS 2 rakes in another one and a half billion dollars.

So who will WB bring in to helm the awesome emsemble? Not Ben Affleck apparently. So who? Regardless, 2015 looks to be a stellar year.

Source: LATimes

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