Friday, October 05, 2012

Phobia Films Appoints Karl van Allen To Script Consultant & Writer As Well As Script Supervisor On DREADLOCK

A quick note introducing Karl van Allen to the Phobia Films team! We're excited about delivering top entertainment to the masses, including DREADLOCK.


Phobia Films Appoints Karl van Allen To Script Consultant & Writer As Well As Script Supervisor On DREADLOCK.

DARTMOUTH, Nova Scotia OCTOBER 4, 2012) - Phobia Films announced today that Karl van Allen will be assuming the in-house role of Script Consultant and Writer. Further, Mr. van Allen will also be assuming the role of Script Supervisor for Phobia Films latest movie production, DREADLOCK.

Mr. van Allen is an established and successful Writer and Editor (contributing writer with Todd Langseth for STINGY JACK).

Karl joins the team at Phobia Films owned by Jim Dorey. Mr. Dorey is also the Writer, Director and a Producer on DREADLOCK as well as Editor-in-Chief of the world's premier 3D movie news site Phobia Films currently has six scripts in development with one in pre-production.

"I can't wait to roll up our sleeves and polish off the next development project," said Mr. van Allen. "And the fact that we have Nova Scotia as a backdrop for many of our stories is huge. Our locations will be just like another character in our story - if you've been to Nova Scotia, you know what I mean."

Continues van Allen: "Jim and I seem to always ignite ideas. We've got six so far in development. Being Script Supervisor on DREADLOCK will be an amazing experience too - you really are all in for a treat."

"I've read and experienced Karl's work firsthand and without hesitation I knew he was an excellent fit for Phobia Films," Mr. Dorey states. "It really is quite magical. When we sit down to brainstorm, lighting strikes fast - all we have to do is listen for the thunder and take notes on EVERYTHING. I tend to be more of an idea guy, but I'm writing quite a bit these days especially DREADLOCK. Karl specializes in characters and dialogue not to mention solid editing, but more importantly to me is that we are a culmultative creative force and not vilipend to the process whatsoever."

DREADLOCK is a character driven, horror / thriller solidly based in fact and science. Suspension of disbelief will be among our top priorities. When we decide to scare you, be prepared to apologize to the person beside you. We specialize in eliciting primal screams. DREADLOCK is slated to start shooting in the summer of 2013. The horror / thriller redefines the genre by fully utilizing a character driven story to ensure the audience truly cares and the movie truly scares. The movie will be distributed in both 2D and 3D. A decision on shooting native 3D or a post conversion will be made in the coming months.

Phobia Films was founded by Jim Dorey in 2012 as a Thriller / Horror / Action genre entertainment production company with a special love of stereoscopic 3D. Phobia Films is headquartered in the fast growing film production city of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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