Saturday, January 19, 2013

Announcing MarketSaw's 3D Media Connect Initiative!

It's with great pleasure that I announce MarketSaw's new 3D Media Connect initiative. We're working closely with 3D industry insiders including the International 3D Society to deliver a much needed resource to today's media: A reliable and timely source of 3D information, talking points, executive quotes and interviews.

Today's media has a problem. They will see a story that they want to cover and can't quite get the vetted information that they need to complete their story before their deadline. Sometimes their stories can go out without the backing of solid data and supporting quotes for example. The problem is that all of this can lead to misleading or out of context information for the public to consume. Moreover, stories tend to propagate in a viral fashion throughout the Internet and build upon each other's mis-information.  It's kind of like saying a phrase to a person at the end of the line and telling him to pass it on down the line. By the time it reaches the end the phrase is changed entirely.

We want to help eliminate that problem. We're going to present good data and talking points on 3D and it's verticals, provide a roster of 3D executives and creative talent for support quotes and interviews, maintain a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list as well as a Myths Debunked page. Finally I'll be bringing back the MarketSaw 3D movie list.

It won't be a simple task, but the end result will be worth it. So if you are in media and need to make your deadline on anything to do with 3D entertainment, we are now your one stop shop.

I look forward to working with you all! If you aren't media but simply curious - by all means, check out the pages. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Email me at jim (at) marketsaw (dot) com.

Here are the Media Connect pages thus far!

Media Connect: 3D HOME Welcome!
Media Connect: 3D CONTENT Talking Points For Your Needs
Media Connect: 3D EXECUTIVES Quotes and Interviews Available 
Media Connect: 3D FAQs Coming Soon
Media Connect: 3D MYTHS DEBUNKED  Coming Soon
Media Connect: 3D MOVIE LIST Coming Soon

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