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Exclusive Update: Alfonso Cuaron Lining Up For STAR WARS Ep VIII? Simon Pegg Going STAR WARS On Us?

You all know by now that we have some great sources embedded in key franchises - one of which is the mighty STAR WARS universe. Well the same source that gave us the exclusive that the third STAR WARS trilogy is going to happen, in 3D, without Lucas directing, that it will focus on the Skywalker offspring, and that the trilogy will follow in the original trilogy's tone is back.

So what's cooking now? How about Alfonso Cuaron getting up close and personal? I mentioned Episode VIII, but it could be Episode IX as well (or both for that matter). I would LOVE to see a STARS WARS movie directed by Cuaron. So many people are going to have the light turned on as to how brilliant a director he is after they see GRAVITY this year.

Anyway, I won't further spoil the spy info - so read on and we'll discuss afterwards!


As far as I know Episode 7 was then, and is now, focusing on the Skywalker's offspring. As I told you before, I believe duel personalities develop, akin to Anakin and Obi Wan, and Luke and Vader in the first trilogies, which as far as I am aware, is the driving force behind the new trilogy. Things may change however, but I doubt it, this has been long in the making.

The focus is on the original trilogy in regards of reverence and tone. Remember I told you before that the tone was important, well I believe they are really taking that seriously. From everything I know, they're focusing on that directly. Remember everything has the ability to change drastically, as Star Wars right now apart from the twin trilogies is a huge blank canvas. However, the trilogies ongoing narrative will continue to focus on that particular branch, whereas the stand alone movies, will fill and expand the voids in between in multiple timelines, and have potential to then be franchised themselves in regards to the worlds they open up.

Yoda, Palpatine, Jabba, Boba, Plagueis etc.

I believe they are very clued into what fans would and wouldn't like, and considering Mr Ford himself may not be done with his character yet, I wouldn't start picketing Lucasfilm about young Han Solo movies being made just yet. Which I was led to believe couldn't be further from how they want to move forward creatively anyway.

Harrison Ford has been approached, he has not turned it down, and is from everything I hear, very interested in returning to the role of Han Solo again, but is not signed as was reported recently. Negotiating may be a better choice of words right now. Hope it shakes out.

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were also approached a long time ago, as was ford, and a few other key players. I would all but guarantee, they will be in Episode 7, and I would be confident that Ford will return too. If the universe aligns correctly.

J.J. Abrams name was brought up to me numerous times, but only in reference to re-brand and ground up respect for world building that the franchise was looking to take back then. Very sneaky. Interesting to see he was offered the most coveted and feared gig in cinema history. Ultimately he is the perfect choice to direct episode 7, and set up the franchise to steward through the first trilogy. The names I mentioned to you before, remember them (EDITOR'S NOTE: my source's director list can be found here). Alfonso Cuaron especially. Trust me.

J.J. Abrams mystery cube or whatever he is calling it today, is in full effect, Star Wars news is going to be very thin on the ground for the foreseeable future, but expect Simon Pegg to be involved in some capacity. Can't say why, but lets just say I have a strong feeling about that.

Star Wars fans, Kathleen and J.J have your interests at heart.

So, very interesting!! And what is Simon Pegg doing with STAR WARS? Ideas? Is he jumping with Abrams in some fashion? Clearly he is deep in STAR TREK but being the miracle worker that Scotty is, apparently Pegg is needed in the STAR WARS universe as well!

And Cuaron? Hopefully that happens. As of right now it is in the works, so fingers crossed! More exclusive STAR WARS, AVATAR and HOBBIT info when I get it!

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