Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Further Confirmation Of Our Exclusive: Mark Hamill Says Original Cast In Talks...

Yes - Mark Hamill has chimed in on the story we broke back in November that the original cast will be back for the third trilogy, the real possibility of including the Skywalker offspring as characters and that the tone of the new trilogy will be much closer to Ep IV, V and VI then I, II and III.

I've been paying very close attention to franchise developments especially since we broke the story that there will indeed be a new STAR WARS trilogy and that it will be in 3D. In fact, Steve Sansweet even had the gall to to call our story ignorant and stupid. One of the beautiful things about the Internet is that it never forgets :-)

Anyway, Hamill had a few things to say on the subject:
(On whether he will appear in STAR WARS VII):  "They're talking to us. George [Lucas] wanted to know whether we'd be interested. He did say that if we didn't want to do it, they wouldn't cast another actor in our parts – they would write us out. … I can tell you right away that we haven't signed any contracts. We're in the stage where they want us to go in and meet with Michael Arndt, who is the writer, and Kathleen Kennedy, who is going to run Lucasfilm. Both have had meetings set that were postponed -- on their end, not mine. They're more busy than I am."

(On the tone he would like to see used with STAR WARS VII): "I said to George that I wanted to go back to the way it was, in the sense that ours was much more carefree and lighthearted and humorous – in my opinion, anyway. And another thing I'd want to make sure of is are we going to have the whole gang back? Is Carrie and Harrison and Billy Dee and Tony Daniels, everybody that's around from the original [returning]? I want to make sure that everybody's on board here, rather than just one. I guess I'll have to tune into your show to figure out who's on board."

"I'm assuming, because I haven't talked to the writers, that these movies would be about our offspring -- like my character would be sort of in the Obi-Wan range [as] an influential character. ...'Well, I'm going to wind up like Sir Alec [Guinness]. I'm going to be a lonely old hermit living out in some kind of desert igloo with a couple of robots.'"

"I hope they find the right balance of CGI with practical effects. I love props, I love models, miniatures, matte paintings -- I'm sort of old school. I think if you go too far in the direction of CGI it winds up looking like just a giant a video game, and that's unfortunate. … If they listen to me at all, it'll be, 'Lighten up and go retro with the way it looks."

So a fair amount of things to say with the end result being bang on with what we presented. I'll have more information on the new trilogy and hopefully the spinoffs when I get in touch with our magnificent source with knowledge of the situation!

Source: ETOnline

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