Sunday, March 24, 2013

DWA Seeing The Bright Lights Of 3D Crood Oil Getting Refined! THE CROODS Own Number 1

Wow. Dreamworks Animation's (DWA) THE CROODS is really clubbing the competition this weekend! The family friendly movie is enjoying a massive reaction from fans on its first weekend of release, as OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL slips slightly to third at the box office. Still the two 3D movies are doing remarkably well.

In fact the only other 2013 opening weekend that has been better than OZ was THE CROODS; a great one-two punch for 3D so far this year.

What's up next? How about a little flick starring Bruce Willis, The Rock and Channing Tatum: G.I. JOE: RETALIATION in stunning 3D on March 28.

Here are the top five movies this weekend:
1. THE CROODS - $44,700,000 ($44,700,000 / $107,316,000)
2. OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN - $30,500,000 ($30,500,000 / $30,500,000)
3. OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL - $22,031,000 ($177, 559,000 / $356,359,000)
4. THE CALL - $8,700,000 ($30,904,000 / $30,904,000)
5. ADMISSION - $6,446,000 ($6,446,000 / $6,446,000)

Stat Source: Box Office Mojo

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