Saturday, May 25, 2013

First Poster For HERCULES 3D Hits

The first poster for HERCULES 3D has landed. Director Renny Harlin (CLIFFHANGER, DIE HARD 2) and Millenium have mounted their marketing campaign for their version (*sigh* Yes, there is another version getting ready for us too from director Brett Ratner starring Dwayne Johnson - due August 2014) and Harlin is shooting right now in Bulgaria.

Harlin's HERCULES 3D stars Kellan Lutz (TWILIGHT) in the titular role, Liam McIntyre (TV's SPARTACUS) and Scott Adkins (UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING) playing King Amphitryon.

Apparently Harlin has $70 million to play with so hopefully we'll see a great product with great 3D. They're aiming for a March 2014 release to beat Ratner to the box office.

Twitch reports that the storyline for the movie will go something like this:
Myths are that during Amphitryon's absence, Alcmene (Hercule's mother) became pregnant by Zeus, who disguised himself as Amphitryon, when he visited her; she then became pregnant again by her real husband upon his return. Of these unions were born twin boys, of whom Iphicles was the son of Amphitryon, Hercules the son of Zeus.

More on HERCULES 3D when we have it!

Source: Twitch

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