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Sir Edmund Hillary's Everest Climb BEYOND THE EDGE Opens In 3D And Rave Reviews At TIFF

Most everyone knows who he is: Sir Edmund Hillary, first to climb Mount Everest along with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay in 1953. And now hopefully you can become better acquainted with what they probably went through on that famous climb. Director Leanne Pooley has given us BEYOND THE EDGE in 3D to do so. The Canadian shot the movie in the gorgeous Southern Alps of New Zealand (NZ is her home now).

Kiwi actor Chad Moffitt played Hillary and Sonam Sherpa portrayed Norgay.

Peter Hillary and Norbu Tenzing, the sons of the famous original pair were able to attend the movie at TIFF which obviously made the night even more spectacular. Would have loved to have met them myself. The media swirl around their fathers back in the day must have been dazzling.

Says Pooley: "Peter Hillary was really pleased with the way we portrayed his father and his achievement. Norbu saw it for the first time and he was very, very happy with how his father's contribution was handled."

Hillary passed away in 2008, Norgay in 1996.

Says the Toronto Star: "(3½ stars out of 4): Canadian-born New Zealand director Leanne Pooley makes audiences feel they are making the tortuous and historic climb of Everest with Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay with her gorgeous film about the first men to reach the summit in 1953. Thrilling and dramatic, Pooley couples rare archival footage and impressive dramatic recreation, aided by both Hillary’s and Norgay’s families. Screening in 3D. L.B."

For you Wellywood denizens down in Kiwi, the movie will be premiering at the Embassy Theatre in Wellington on Oct 22nd.

Sources: NZ Herald | Toronto Star

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