Friday, October 11, 2013

GRAVITY Continues To Hold Altitude - Scorching Hot $40 Million Projected Second Re-entry!

Ok, that title doesn't really make sense - holding altitude and also going into re-entry. But it SOUNDS cool. :-)

Remember the original estimate for GRAVITY's opening weekend last week? $40 million, that's right. I said more like $50 million and that hit instead. Why did I think that high a number? Because of the IMAX and 3D surcharges that would be underestimated.

Now the projected earning for GRAVITY in its second weekend is pegged at... $40 million and I think that's about right - maybe $45m. Remember IMAX took in about 20% of the box office take from only 10% of the theaters so I'm thinking that the people that put off seeing the movie in the first weekend due to sold out IMAX venues will definitely be hitting it this weekend while its still scorching hot.

GRAVITY has legs. It'll be with us for a long time and it's primed for awards too. The movie has already pulled in $107 million in under a week worldwide.

You don't need to have an apple fall on your head to know if you haven't discovered GRAVITY yet, you need to get out there and do it! More numbers soon...

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