Sunday, May 18, 2014

Movie Review: GODZILLA - 8.2 Stars - No Spoilers - Possible $100 M Opening!

 Saw GODZILLA and was suitably impressed. This is a true monster movie and it was made by a coveted new director in Gareth Edwards. Edwards (MONSTERS) specializes in this genre and while you can clearly see studio interference with this movie, Edwards still manages to deliver despite those handcuffs.

I will point out that I saw a trailer for EDGE OF TOMORROW in 3D pre-rolling before the movie and the 3D sucked. Big time. I could feel my brain wince within SECONDS of the opening shot seeing light. I sincerely hope they clean that up as I was really looking forward to seeing that in three dimensions. As of now I cannot recommend seeing it.

Back to GODZILLA. The 3D is average I would say for modern standards. Nothing to write home about. Still much better in 3D than seeing it in flat.

I was worried about how Mothra (or whatever they call her in the movie) would appear as that is a tall order (pun intended) to get right. I was satisfied to a large degree with the flying beasts, but still there were moments where I shook my head.

Godzilla himself was impressive. Just what I wanted really. The devastation going on around there during battle set me aback - definitely worth waiting for and Edwards is a master of that. Wait for it, wait for it... YES!

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So what didn't I like about it? Well this is spoiler free so I can't go into details but I will in the comments if it goes that way. I did feel that the nuclear "tests" should have been dug into much more. And my biggest dislike? I felt Aaron-Taylor Johnson failed. Totally. I felt no emotion when he was struck by bad things happening to him. Perhaps he just can't act. I loved him in KICK ASS but, wow, not good here. Bryan Cranston is always good. Oh and Ken Watanabe and his burrowed brow, pensive, gaze to no where look got old by the time he executed this maneuver the tenth time. Edwards should have gotten more out of him.

So, yes, I recommend going to see GODZILLA and still recommend IMAX 3D for it as the sound in that theater shakes you to your core. The 3D is always better on the largest screen possible as well. I will be seeing it again! Whenever you feel awe in going to a movie, that is MAGIC. It brings out the kid in us all and GODZILLA's got it :-)

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