Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Na'vi Alien Language Incorporated In "Avatar" Music Soundtrack

Another breaking story from your source for all things Avatar!

One of my better known sources (to me anyway!) just tipped me on what is happening with the soundtrack for the movie - read on intrepid James Cameron fans!

We have known for some time now that James Horner has been attached to "Avatar" to deliver the soundtrack for the epic 3D sci-fi.

But what we didn't know was that they have been at it for some time now - since July of last year! The task at hand has been to create music for the alien race that resides on the planet Pandora called the Na'vi. The Na'vi have their own language and yes, it has been created just for this movie. In fact, James Horner has been hard at work meshing in this newly developed language into his soundtrack for the movie! The singers must get the pronunciations just right.

Horner has been working with at least 5 singers to accomplish this feat for the movie sequences and it seems that they have been very successful - most of that integration has been completed. The singers have been awe of Horner in how much of a visionary he is and how productive he can be in completing an obviously challenging task.

Music is such a key component to James Cameron's films. Think Titanic. I may get some comments to the contrary, but I really think that Celine Dion's mega-watt performance of "My Heart Will Go On" is one of the best, if not THE best song ever attached to a movie. Honestly, I can't imagine what that alien language is going to sound like but I can say without a doubt, that the music, language and the integration into the movie is going to be out of this world. And I don't mean that as a pun!

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