Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exclusive! Interview With Thomas Jane Director/Actor In "The Dark Country": New 3D Techniques!

Guys - Jim here. I have a special treat for you this week - Thomas Jane agreed to talk about his upcoming 2009 3D thriller entitled THE DARK COUNTRY with yours truly and he has more than a couple of surprises in store for you! The movie involves a newly married couple coming across a dying victim in the middle of the road in the desert.

One item in particular is VERY intriguing: Tom uses something he calls an "Articulate Matte" (I believe that is how he would spell it) and he believes this is the first time anyone has ever accomplished this feat - he cuts the movie frame down intentionally for the whole movie and uses the extra black space surrounding the picture to augment certain 3D effects that are going to be SPECTACULAR. With modern 3D, the images are already popping off the screen when so desired - but with Tom's Articulate Matte, he is able to have the 3D extend even further, tricking the eyes into even more depth!

He also uses 4K RED ONE cameras in stereo configuration as well as tiny cigarette pack sized 3D cameras that were used for intricate scenes involving 360 degree wrap around shots and extreme angles.

He is very proud of his movie and what they have managed to pull off on a fairly tight budget. He is working with Sony on this picture and co-stars include Lauren German and Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman. Tom is a steadfast advocate of using 3D to help tell the story and not as a gimmick - THE DARK COUNTRY was shot as a traditional Film Noir - plenty of shadows and lighting effects - it really does sound gorgeous.

Have a listen! (~18 minutes) I have been a fan of his since "61*" (he played Mickey Mantle) and of course "The Punisher". He also recently topped Stephen King's "The Mist". A great guy and extremely knowledgeable about the 3D process. Can't wait for this picture to come out next year!

I will have more info and teaser material for THE DARK COUNTRY as it becomes available. Stay tuned!

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