Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Jim here. What is with all the cool 3D movie stories that the British Film magazines are getting lately? First Empire had these great images and now Total Film has what they are calling a 3D Extravaganza. Thanks to my intrepid reader in the UK, we have these images scanned for our viewing pleasure! Total Film has included red and blue glasses with the publication so that you can view these old school, anaglyph 3D images. If you have red and blue 3D glasses at home, you can view these as well, right now.

Click images to blow up.

As much as I hate anaglyph, there is no better way to show 3D on paper and it is cool to see some new images from ALICE IN WONDERLAND and UP. I have also posted the image they have for AVATAR, but it is very disappointing as we know this to be a fake, fan created work. Total Film also includes 3D images from THE DARK KNIGHT, THE MATRIX, STAR WARS, BLADE RUNNER, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING so I highly recommend picking up your own copy of Total Film to see those and the full articles too. I may be able to show you those images soon as well - stay tuned.

What IS interesting about the AVATAR image is the new quote from Ridley Scott that was in the article beside it: (breathlessly) "It's... Amazing"!

I want to again invite you to purchase your own copy of Total Film for the full coverage. I think they probably had someone convert 2D images to these 3D ones for the feature, but its still kinda cool. I doubt that they are official studio photos - which would infer that they are looking at "dimensionalizing" their properties to 3D. But damn, that would be nice!!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND looks like a trip doesn't it?!

"Dimensionalizing" is a term coined and trademarked by In-Three

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