Friday, April 23, 2010

Exclusive Weta Update! MORTAL ENGINES In 3D, DISTRICT 10 Shooting This October AND AVATAR 2 Spoiler!!!


Jim here. What's new in Weta world?? I have got the goods for ya from two of my top embedded sources!

MORTAL ENGINES is definitely a GO! And it WILL BE in stereoscopic 3D!! It is extremely hard to get any information on this project at all - but you know us, we are in there digging all the time :-) Peter Jackson is both Director and Producer on this project. Mortal Engines is based on a series of five books by Phillip Reeve set in a devastated post annihilation world. Huge floating cities roam the skies and do battle with one another.

DISTRICT 10 (Production title at least) is now in pre-production with filming to start in the October time frame this year. Shooting locations will be South Africa once again as well as New Zealand. There has been no word on whether it will be shot in S3D or not as of yet. You will be the first to know! Peter Jackson is again producing the sequel with Neill Blomkamp directing.

AVATAR 2 will continue several years after the events of the original. It will also lay the groundwork for the other moons in the system. Things are going to get quite "weird" to the point of becoming somewhat abstract! Each movie will stand on its own and there will definitely be NO shooting the sequels back to back. Trilogy? Actually no. The sky is no limit for this universe - the plot lines are endless.

AVATAR 2 SPOILER ALERT: This is verbatim from my source...
"Oh and Pandora has a lot of shit coming its way. Break out the space marines, looks like some bugs need a stomping."

Holy Makarov! You didn't think Weta has been sitting idly by and doing nothing but TINTIN have you? :-) I have asked for clarification on the quote I gave you about AVATAR 2 and if he can go into any detail for us. Keep in mind that things could change this early in the AVATAR 2 creative process but he felt comfortable in telling me this. It must have graduated from Lightstorm Entertainment ideas to Weta concept design. STAY TUNED!! Exciting stuff!

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