Friday, May 18, 2012

MEN IN BLACK III Screening In Germany Sets World Record

An impressive 6,819 fans watched the premiere of MEN IN BLACK III at Germany's O2 World which just so happens to be a new Guinness World Record.

Also in attendance were the stars of the movie Will Smith, Josh Brolin and Nicole Scherzinger along with director Barry Sonnenfeld.

From the Guinness Book Of World Records: The projector set-up for the record-breaking screening comprised of an array of four Sony 4K SRX-R320's, projecting left and right eye 3D images simultaneously onto a giant 25.9m x 14m screen.

Sony Pictures and Telefónica Germany donated the total revenue of the première to the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI trust, supporting children in need.

MIB3 is set to be released later this month, almost 15 years after the first movie in the series set a record for the highest box office film gross for an opening weekend - a record now held by The Avengers.

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