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PROMETHEUS Review! Spoiler Free - 9 Stars!! The Best 3D I Have Ever Witnessed!

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This review is SPOILER FREE. However, the comments section is fair game and you can expect spoilers in there - so be warned!

Ridley Scott has delivered again. He visionary take on science fiction in PROMETHEUS had me thinking about science like a child again. It takes magic to pull that off on an adult and I like to think of myself as one now and then! The movie is so good it will trigger your own deep thoughts and for that reason alone it deserves 9 stars.

PROMETHEUS was shot in native 3D with 3ality Technica 3D rigs housing Red Epic digital cameras and the results were extraordinary! See it for yourself. These technology companies are at the top of their game and the quality of this theatrical product is simply BEYOND. And with digital theatrical screenings you will have artifact and dust free exhibitions each and every time.

The trademark darkness of the ALIEN franchise was NOT an issue in 3D - not in the way Ridley Scott shot it. They shot with higher light levels and then dialed in the darkness when and where they wanted it in post-production, walking hand in hand with the stereoscopic 3D. Heck, even Roger Ebert liked the movie AND the 3D!

PROMETHEUS has the best 3D I have EVER seen in the theater. You can take that to the bank folks. I recommend the largest screen you can possibly see it on and SEE IT IN 3D.

You may read other reviews on other movie sites that were disappointed in the movie - for what, I have no, strike that, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea why. Seriously, if we didn't live in a free world where it is ok to have your own opinion, they should be summarily drummed out of the Internet. But alas, some critics can voice their opinion with little or no basis to back it up. If a movie leaves you thinking about it after you leave - and ESPECIALLY if you're thinking about it the next day, it has done it's job well. PROMETHEUS is that movie.

PROMETHEUS is VISUALLY STUNNING. Easily the best of the year thus far for pure visuals. Ridley Scott and cinematographer Dariusz Wolski tag teamed to conceive, shoot and edit together breathtaking visuals that will leave you wanting to see it again and again just to relive it.

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And let me say a word about the sheer brilliance exhibited by the visual effects teams led by Moving Picture Company and Weta Digital. SPECTACULAR!!!!!!! I need more exclamation points. Seriously I FELT like an android myself discovering things for the first time. To have a movie rekindle emotions like that  - that haven't been moved since AVATAR, hats off to all the visual effects artists that contributed to this event movie. Your names are now forever connected to the movie in infamy.

I can't discuss the individual points of my review here as I normally do as they would include spoilers but feel free to ask anything you like in the comments!

Why not 10 out of 10? Well, it has to be perfect to get that score and I have yet to see a movie that deserves it. PROMETHEUS has some issues but nothing to remotely consider panning the film. The characters should have been explored for another 15 minutes or so before seeing action - kinda like the original ALIEN. Michael Fassbender's David did however, enjoy some great development and he really carried the movie as far as the actor's performances are concerned.

I saw the movie in IMAX 3D at Empire Theatres. Thank you for the exceptional screening Empire! I will also be checking it out in RealD 3D as well asap. PROMETHEUS is now playing in North America - if you only see one sci-fi movie this year, treat yourself and go see it!

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