Saturday, June 16, 2018

BOX OFFICE: Pixar's INCREDIBLES 2 Headed To Est $180m Weekend - An Animated Record!

Brad Bird's INCREDIBLES 2 looks to give FINDING DOREY (sorry DORY) a superhero punch to the box office chops. FINDING DORY has held the animated box office crown since 2016 with a take of $135m in its opening weekend, and now I2 is looking to land with an estimated $180m!

In fact, I2 more than doubled FINDING DORY's record Thursday night previews ($9.2m) with a staggering $18.5m.

With its A+ Cinema Score and a current 94% fresh on RottenTomatoes (audiences have it pegged at 90%), there really is nothing holding the sequel back from many, many more records. If you haven't seen it yet - it's definitely something to add to your things to see.

INCREDIBLES 2 is now playing.

Source: BoxOfficeMojo 

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