Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Well where would MarketSaw be without plugging MY new movie: Outlander. Yes, I am in this one but just as a background actor.

Check out this Outlander site. Excellent resource to this upcoming movie starring Jim Caviezel. I actually stood face to face with him on the battlefield after running full tilt following our illustrous king played by John Hurt. I spoke with John briefly and shook his hand; a nice guy. Did not get to meet Ron Perlman however and that was a disappointment.

It was a great experience and sure whets my appetite for more acting. Or maybe some more stand up comedy. The mud is still not off of my winter boots after months of use!

I must say that Caviezel is a true professional. In the scenes that I saw him in, he prepared thoughtfully and rarely was distracted from the task at hand. One particular scene has him engaging a viking just a few feet in front of the camera with the 'village well' behind them. He patiently worked with the actor dueling with him and showed him repeatedly how to come at him with his sword. The idea he was conveying was that he needs the guy to come at him full steam and swing hard toward him and he (Jim) would use his right hand to hit the guys right shoulder just when he wanted him to let up a bit. The end result was truly believable as an action sequence and a credit to Jim's experience. I suspect that much of the swordplay he used in The Count of Monte Cristo helped a great deal. By the way, that is simply an excellent movie if you have not seen it yet. A keeper in my books.

So keep an eye open for Outlander starring Jim Dorey errr.... Caviezel. :-)

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