Friday, March 16, 2007

Outlander vs. Pathfinder

It is interesting that Karl Urban was originally connected to the lead role of Kainen in Outlander but due to a scheduling conflict had to move on to another role - another viking in fact in Pathfinder.

I suppose there are some simularities between the two, but judge for yourself.

Biases aside, Outlander has the advantage. Caviezel is a much deeper actor and can convey dark emotions on the screen that Urban just can't summon. No offense to Urban as his track record is awesome (LOTR and The Bourne Supremacy come to mind) but Caviezel has an ethereal quality that stems from The Passion of the Christ and Deju Vu.

Other than the starring role, Outlander has the chops over Pathfinder again too. Who can argue with having Ron Perlman as a viking? Can't wait to see that. Well I DID see that during production. The man is huge and that is coming from a guy who is not a slouch either (I'm 6'6"). And John Hurt is well, John Hurt - gotta love it; 135 movies since the early '60s.

The finished Outlander product should be spectacular. Outlander should at least double Pathfinder's box office take. Not that I won't be going to see Pathfinder though ;-)

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