Thursday, June 28, 2007

Avatar Na'vi

Well, well, well. Apparently there has been another leak from the James Cameron production for the upcoming Memorial Day 2009 blockbuster, Avatar!

An alien of some sort is pictured here with glowing features and I would wager that it is female. The image is truly distorted but obviously you cannot show a clear 3D image in 2 dimensions so what did you expect? Sure looks creepy though. Sure looks like she has a tail too - look closely...

Remember that James Cameron's Fusion 3D technology allows him to see an image in real-time (although at a 1980's video game resolution) as it is being shot - a huge benefit for him and the performance capture actors. I would wager a second time that this image is from that process - just simply a screen capture from the camera's system without any processing by WETA. It is awesome if this is the case, as you can see that Cameron can actually view the background as it interacts with the actors! Saves a heckuva lot of time for him and the production of Avatar. I wonder if this creature is the Na'vi? If it is, then this would be the species that would actually become the avatars for the humans on Pandora... Interesting! See the original scriptment for the movie here.

This image was sent into by a steathy spy. Why not send it to MarketSaw next time dude? ;-) I like surprises, especially when it comes to Avatar...

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