Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Red One 4K Digital Camera: Its time to talk...

Well I have been waiting for a major player to announce their intention to use the Red One 4K Digital Camera for a feature film and it has finally happened. Steven Soderbergh will utilize the groundbreaking 4K digital camera to shoot "The Argentine" and "Guerrilla".

It is groundbreaking because there just isn't anything else that comes close to it either by technology or cost. A Red One camera can shoot movies in 4000p (remember that current HD High Definition TV is 1080p!) AND the cost is only $17,500 for the basic unit. They claim 12M pixels at up to 60fps and record 12 bit native RAW. WOW. Thats 12 Megapixels at 60 frames per second! Unfreakin' believable! And very affordable compared to whats out there.

The Benicio Del Toro vehicle films, are a biography on Che Guevara and is set in two parts - hence two films.

I can see the resemblance!

For more information on this truly definitive moment for not only HD purists, but also young and under-funded directors, check out the Red One website here.

Now if we could just get two Red One Cameras in a 3D configuration... ;-)

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