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Beowulf: List Of 3D Theaters + Tickets On Sale Now- GOT 'EM YET?

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From their press release:

Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE:RGC), the largest theatre circuit in the United States, announced that tickets are on sale for Beowulf: An IMAX 3D Experience and Beowulf in DIGITAL 3D. The movie is being offered in IMAX 3D and DIGITAL 3D in a total of 123 Regal theatres across the country. Beowulf will be available in conventional 35mm format, digital projection, DIGITAL 3D and IMAX 3D.

Regal Entertainment Group will present Beowulf in DIGITAL 3D at 121 locations utilizing REAL D Cinema Systems. REAL D Cinema Systems are comprised of several components, including a specially-treated movie screen; polarized 3D glasses; and the REAL D Cinema Z-Screen lens that mounts in front of the digital projector, enabling the projector to show three-dimensional images. Customized software by REAL D integrates the components to deliver a flawless 3D movie experience.

Beowulf is set in a time of heroes when the mighty warrior slays the demon Grendel and incurs the wrath of its monstrous yet seductive mother in a conflict that transforms a king into a legend. Groundbreaking director Robert Zemeckis offers a vision of the Beowulf saga that has never been told before. Beowulf stars Ray Winstone in the title role and Anthony Hopkins as the corrupt King Hrothgar, as well as John Malkovich, Robin Wright Penn, Brendan Gleeson, Crispin Glover, Alison Lohman, and Angelina Jolie as Grendel’s mother.

Regal Theaters Showing Beowulf 3D:
Albany, NY
Crossgates Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D

Albuquerque, NM
Cottonwood Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Amarillo, TX
Amarillo Star Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

Atlanta, GA
Arbor Place Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D
Hollywood Stadium 24 @ North I-85 DIGITAL 3D
Mall of Georgia Stadium 20 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D
Medlock Crossing Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D

Augusta, GA
Augusta Exchange Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D

Austin, TX
Gateway Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Bakersfield, CA
Bakersfield Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

Baltimore, MD
Bel Air Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

Bend, OR
Old Mill Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Boise, ID
Boise Stadium 22 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D
Nampa Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

Boston, MA
Bellingham Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Fenway Stadium 13 DIGITAL 3D
Fox Run Stadium 15 DIGITAL 3D

Buffalo, NY
Transit Center Stadium 18 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D

Charleston, SC
Azalea Square Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Charlotte, NC
Stonecrest Stadium 22 DIGITAL 3D

Chicago, IL
Lincolnshire Stadium 21 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D
Showplace 16 DIGITAL 3D

Cincinnati, OH
Deerfield Towne Center Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Cleveland, OH
Cobblestone Square Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D
Fairfield Commons Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D

Columbia, SC
Sandhill Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Denver, CO
Colorado Center Stadium 9 IMAX 3D
Colorado Mills Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Denver Pavilions Stadium 15 DIGITAL 3D

Eugene, OR
Valley River Center Stadium 15 DIGITAL 3D

Ft. Myers, FL
Belltower Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D
Hollywood Stadium 20 - Naples DIGITAL 3D

Fresno, CA
Fresno Stadium 21 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D

Gainesville, FL
Royal Park Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Grand Junction, CO
Canyon View Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

Greenville, SC
Hollywood Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D

Harrisburg-Lancaster, PA
Manor Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Honolulu, HI
Dole Cannery Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D

Houston, TX
Greenway Grand Palace Stadium 24 DIGITAL 3D
Houston Marq*E Stadium 23 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D

Indianapolis, IN
Galaxy Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

Jacksonville, FL
The Avenues Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D

Knoxville, TN
Pinnacle Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D

Las Vegas, NV
Colonnade Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Red Rock Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Fiesta Henderson Stadium 12 DIGITAL 3D

Lexington, KY
Hamburg Pavilion Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Los Angeles, CA
Alhambra Renaissance Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Anaheim Hills 14 DIGITAL 3D
Avenues Stadium 13 DIGITAL 3D
Camarillo Palace 12 DIGITAL 3D
Civic Center Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Corona Crossings Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D
Irvine Spectrum Stadium 20 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D
La Habra Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Long Beach Stadium 26 DIGITAL 3D
Ontario Palace Stadium 22 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D
Rancho Mirage Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
South Gate Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D
Temecula Stadium 15 DIGITAL 3D
West Covina Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D

Miami, FL
Kendall Village Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Magnolia Place Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Sawgrass Stadium 23 DIGITAL 3D
Southland Mall Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Minneapolis, MN
Eagan Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Nashville, Tennessee
Opry Mills Stadium 20 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D

New York, NY
Commerce Center Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D
Kaufman Astoria Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
New Roc City Stadium 18 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D
Sheepshead Bay Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Staten Island Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Union Square Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Westbury Stadium 12 DIGITAL 3D

Norfolk, VA
Columbus Stadium 12 DIGITAL 3D

Orlando, FL
Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 IMAX 3D
The Loop Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Waterford Lakes Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D

Philadelphia, PA
Brandywine Town Center 16 DIGITAL 3D
Downingtown Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
King of Prussia Stadium 16 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D
Oxford Valley Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Peoples Plaza Stadium 17 DIGITAL 3D
Warrington Crossing Stadium 22 DIGITAL 3D

Portland, OR
Bridgeport Village Stadium 18 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D
Cascade Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Lancaster Mall Stadium 11 DIGITAL 3D
Lloyd Center 10 DIGITAL 3D

Raleigh, NC
North Hills Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

Richmond, VA
Virginia Center Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D

Rochester, NY
Henrietta Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D

Sacramento, CA
Fairfield Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Natomas Marketplace Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Stockton City Centre Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

San Antonio, TX
Alamo Quarry Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Cielo Vista Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D
Northwoods Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

San Diego, CA
Horton Plaza 14 DIGITAL 3D
Mira Mesa Stadium 18 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D

San Francisco, CA
Deer Valley Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Hacienda Crossings Stadium 20 IMAX 3D & DIGITAL 3D

Seattle, WA
Auburn Stadium 17 DIGITAL 3D
Everett Mall Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Longston Place Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Martin Village Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Shreveport, LA
Louisiana Boardwalk Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

Spokane, WA
Northtown Mall Stadium 12 DIGITAL 3D
Riverstone Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D

St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Mills Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D

Syracuse, NY
Carousel Mall Stadium 17 DIGITAL 3D

Tampa, FL
Citrus Park Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D
Hollywood Stadium 20 – Sarasota DIGITAL 3D
Park Place Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

Washington, D.C.
Bowie Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Countryside Stadium 20 DIGITAL 3D
Fredericksburg 15 DIGITAL 3D
Gallery Place Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Manassas Stadium 14 DIGITAL 3D
Potomac Yard Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Rockville Center Stadium 13 DIGITAL 3D
Valley Mall Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D
Westview Stadium 16 DIGITAL 3D

West Palm Beach, FL
Royal Palm Beach Stadium 18 DIGITAL 3D

For more info, showtimes and to purchase tickets online:
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