Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Monsters vs. Aliens: Video Game Lined Up

Activision announced yesterday that they will be releasing a "Monsters vs. Aliens" video game for their fiscal 2009 lineup which ends coincidently about the same time as the 3D Dreamworks Animation movie will be released in theaters (March 2009).

This is becoming the norm for major 3D releases it appears. James Cameron's "Avatar" will also have a co-branded video game released concurrently with the movie in the summer of 2009 by game producer Ubisoft.

And as I have speculated in the past, look for more and more robust games to be tied into these movies: MMORPGs and potentially even user generated gaming levels and movie backgrounds tied together. That's right. Getting the fans to create modification levels for their branded games, then reusing those same levels as the backdrop for the movies themselves. Now that is a cool idea. Jim & Jeff - are you on that?

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