Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Avatar Poster? Ice Age 3 Poster? Perhaps...

** UPDATE (Feb 20th): Jim Cameron emailed AICN and said that this Avatar artwork is fake. Here is the link. Time for me to get Cameron's direct email it seems.

Andrea over at BadTaste have sent me what they are calling authentic promotional material for both "Avatar" and "Ice Age 3". They have also quoted my previous exclusive post regarding James Cameron's upcoming March announcement that is intended to generate some PR and update the VERY hungry public with anything Avatar.

I do not know their sources and I do not read Italian so fill your boots if you can by checking out their link. My opinion is that it is more than likely authentic - a smuggled scan(s) presumably - they do have an older version of the Avatar poster that was resident on the internal Weta "creative board" along with other items found here.

I would have posted sooner, but I was finally checking out "Juno" which stars my hometown heroine Ellen Page (Oscar Best Actress Nomination no less!). Rock on! Yeah, its only 2D - will have to talk to her about that!

So yeah - this is kinda cool if genuine - certainly it is fitting in close to my original time line of a major James Cameron announcement in March. We shall see what we shall see! :-)

Thanks for the note Andrea.

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